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Portland’s Hillstomp


John Johnson walks on stage only with his roll of duct tape. Then he continues to casually take his shoes and socks off and rolls his jeans up to his knees.

The older man anxiously hovering behind me asks, “Do you even know who these guys are?”

Henry Kammerer mysteriously struts on stage with his banjo, his hooded sweatshirt, and his shades. The lights dim and he takes his hoodie off.…

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Double, double, toil and trouble – The Faun Fables at the Historic Old Church

Double, double, toil and trouble – The Faun Fables at the Old Church

The scene that took place at the Historic Old Church was nothing short of mesmerizing. The Faun Fables are on tour to support their latest album on Drag City, Light of a Vaster Dark (2010) and to the joy of their devoted audience – show off a few new songs that will be included on their yet-to-be-named upcoming album. The Old Church lends itself to intimate shows, and this was no exception.

faun fables Light of a vaster darkThe…

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Interview: Emancipator at The Crystal Ballroom

Emancipator at The Crystal Ballroom

Emancipator played the Crystal Ballroom March 28th and he took time to chat with our staffer Grace Caton.


Poppycock: Let’s go back to when you were first making music. What sparked it? What got you going?

Emancipator: When I was four years old, I wanted to learn the violin. When I was 15, I started using production software and recording on four-track mixers onto tape players and…

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Karl Kaiser Paints, Melts, and Etches in Encaustic

Karl Kaiser may have started as a hobbyist painting in acrylics, but it was when he found encaustics on a neighborhood art walk that he really began to take off as an artist. Now a full-time artist, Karl’s work sells all over the country and is on display all over Portland from the legendary Attic Gallery to Lovejoy Bakery and Peoples Art.

Watch the gallery below to see some of his process and be…

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Nomad Piercing Studio Has a Long and Storied History

Blake Perlingieri is a legend in piercing. Known as the tribal guy, Blake almost single-handedly introduced large gauge ear piercing, ear projects, freehand, and organic jewelry.

Nomad Piercing Studio is tucked away on Division in Portland, and in this simple shop you can get the most impressive piercings from Blake himself.

Whether you’re looking for handmade jewelry designed for microdermal…

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Drowners Open Up a Can of NYC Punk on the Star Theater

@DROWNERSBAND Open Up a Can of NYC Punk on the Star Theater

If you looked up NYC punk-pop in some kind of musical dictionary then you’d find a photo of Drowners; maybe one of these photos.

There isn’t a stage big enough for this band. Tucked away on the Star Theater platform barely contained the performance from Drowners as they opened for Temples Thursday night on the opening evening of Soul’d Out Music Festival here in Portland.

A lead singer hailing…

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ODESZA Blows the Roof Off of Holocene for the Soul’d Out Music Festival

There’s no need for introductions or spotlights here. They let their music do all the talking.

Anyone can throw a few tracks together and call it a song. But these two Seattleites prove that sample artists can in fact be true musicians.Some electronic has a trance that feels like walking on clouds, but ODESZA lights a fire underneath it and makes it skyrocket.They’re both percussionists. Their…

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Temples Played Star Theater for the Soul’d Out Music Festival

@TemplesOfficial Played Star Theater for the Soul’d Out Music Festival

I love when an LP doesn’t do justice to a live show. Going in to covering Temples at Star Theater on Thursday I was nervous that the sounds I heard on their new LP, Sun Structures, weren’t going to translate to a great show, but I was wrong.

Blitzing guitar riffs, dramatic lighting and a crowd that was so very much in to what they were hearing brings the album alive. It’s always fun to watch a…

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Seattle’s ODESZA Play Portland’s Holocene April 11

ODESZA may be only a couples years old, but they feel like a collaboration with some season and some grit in their teeth.

2012 found Harrison Mills (aka Catacombkid) and Clayton Knight (BeachesBeaches) collaborating after graduation from Western Washington University.

The perfect example of something that is greater than the sum of its parts, ODESZA has about 5 million streams on Soundcloud. Why…

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Temples Play Portland’s Star Lounge Thursday April 10th

Since the Beatles led the British Invasion on American soil we’ve been powerless to stem the tide of UK tunes occupying our airwaves and seducing our women.

Our newest threat is Temples.

You know the story. A couple of guys get together and record a track that they throw up on the internet and it blows up. James Bagshaw and Tom Warmsley out of Kettering made “Shelter Song” before there even was a…

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